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The Creative Center for Childhood Research and Training, Inc. (CCCRT) is co-located with the Creative Pre-School, the home of the Beyond Centers & Circle Time Curriculum. The Creative Pre-School program is used as a lab school for training and research conducted by consultants from CCCRT in coordination with Creative Pre-School staff. CCCRT consultants tour over 3,000 interested adults through Creative’'s model program each year.

CCCRT offers educational resources, professional services, scholarly publications and state-of-the-art training to adults working within the field of early childhood education and care.

The goals of CCCRT are to provide training and conduct research that focuses on the development of young children with and without disabilities, create high quality early childhood programs, and teach others how to organize early childhood programs for excellence. Through over 25 years of research and 35 years of direct experience with young children, the staff at the Creative Pre-School and the consultants of CCCRT have perfected the Beyond Centers & Circle Time Curriculum.

Board of Directors

Susan C. Brooks

Executive Director, Creative Pre-School

Chair, CCCRT

Child Development Specialist

Pamela C. Phelps, Ph.D.

Owner, Creative Pre-School

Vice-Chair, CCCRT

Early Childhood Consultant

Laura L. Stannard, Ph.D.

Secretary/Treasurer, CCCRT

Kindergarten/School Readiness

Literacy Consultant

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