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The CCCRT board members and consultants have worked together for over 40 years and remain committed to research and training focused on the variables that define quality early childhood programs. CCCRT consultants have made a significant impact in communities throughout the United States, Indonesia, Singapore, and Japan.

Pamela C. Phelps, Ph.D.

Owner, Creative Preschool

Early Childhood Specialist

Dr. Pamela Phelps is the creator of the Creative Pre-School Model Program and the author of the Beyond Centers and Circle Time Curriculum. After nine years of teaching kindergarten and first grade in Florida's public schools, she retired from the system to start her own early childhood program. With the help of talented, dedicated staff, she has perfected the programming and today the Creative Pre-School is recognized as a national and state model for the inclusion of children with disabilities, nationally accredited, and a Florida "Gold Seal" program.

She is the Vice-Chair of CCCRT and active in local, state, and national professional organizations. She works as an advocate for young children and their families on both the state and national levels. She is a past chair of the State of Floridas Coordinating Council for Early Childhood Services appointed by the Commissioner of Education for the State of Florida and a past member of The Florida Interagency Council for Infants and Toddlers. She has published articles in professional early childhood and special education journals; directed research in early childhood settings; and regularly conducts workshops for educators and parents on play and play environments, behavior management, and numerous other topics related to young children.

Laura Stannard, Ph.D.

Kindergarten/Literacy/School Readiness Specialist

Dr. Stannard has over 30 years of experience teaching young children. She began her career in the public school system, has taught the Creative Preschool Kindergarten for over 25 years, and has participated in training sponsored by the Gesell Institute. She approaches and plans each kindergarten child's experience for a total development perspective.

Dr. Stannard completed her Ph.D. in the Spring of 1999 at Florida State University. Her research was a longitudinal study linking the construction play of four-year-old children to success in mathematics in later school years. This study correlated the level of construction play evidenced by four-year-old children enrolled at the Creative Preschool in 1982 with their math test scores and grades. Her work substantiates the importance of construction play for young children.

In addition to teaching young children, Dr. Stannard was formerly an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Special Education at Florida State University. She is currently an early childhood consultant with the First Words Project at the Department of Communication Disorders at Florida State University. She is also a board member with the Creative Center for Childhood Research and Training, Inc.

Dr. Stannard has presented at educational conferences on the national and international level including The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the American Educational Research Association

Susan Brooks, BS

Executive Director, Creative Preschool

Child Development Specialist

Susan Brooks has more than 35 years of experience working with young children and their families. She has directed the pre-school program at the Creative Pre-School for over 30 years. As Director she is responsible for the total pre-school program, all teacher organization and training, and parent conferences. Ms. Brooks holds a Bachelors Degree from Florida State University in Child Development She is a very knowledgeable early childhood professional, who has been a CDA trainer and is constantly engaged in all on-site staff training experiences.

She is the Chair of The Creative Center for Childhood Research and Training, Inc.. In this capacity she organizes tours through the Creative Pre-School program provides supervision for students in training, and has oversight responsibility for research activities Ms. Brooks has been a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children since 1984 and participates in local, state, and national conferences.

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