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Training Topics

The Beyond Centers & Circle Time Curriculum Certified Training Program

CCCRT consultants offer two train-the-trainer institutes for individuals who want to become certified to train early childhood educators in the BCCT curriculum — Beyond Centers and Circle Time and Beyond Cribs and Rattles. Both programs provide an understanding of typical child development as a basis for observing ALL CHILDREN and for providing and scaffolding play.

The BCCT curriculum teaches the importance of structuring the play environment for age-appropriate milestones. Emphasis is on the application of theory and research to the play of young children.

Individuals who complete a certified training ” program are prepared to train adults who work with young children and professionals who direct early childhood programs.

In addition to the certified train-the-trainer sessions, CCCRT provides workshops and certified trainings in the Beyond Differences & Diagnoses program and the Beyond Centers & CircleTime Curriculum Pre-K Theme Series by request. Please contact us for more information regarding these workshops and to discuss your specific training needs


More Workshop Topics

CCCRT consultants can help with all aspects of young children's education, care and development. CCCRT consulting specialties include:

  • Designing Inside & Outside Play Environments

  • Assessing & Critiquing Existing Play Environments

  • Planning for Facility Construction or Renovation

  • Site Evaluation

  • Personnel Assessment

  • ​Training and Workshops:

Play & Young Children  •  Dramatic Play  •  Construction Play  •  Emergent Literacy & School Readiness  •  Play Organization & Environments  •  Planning for Fluid Play Opportunities  •  Out-Door Play Spaces  •  Understanding the Developmental Stages of Play  •  Observation Scale for Stages of Children’s Block Constructions, Art Products,
Bead Stringing, Emergent Writing, and Stages of Cutting  •  Designing & Implementing a Full-Inclusion Program for Children Birth through Kindergarten  •  Behavior Management  •  Conflict Resolution  •  Communication

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